Taming Riki, Vol 1, Part 2 (2014)

Drama, Yaoi, Scifi | 596 pages

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 30 Sep, 2014
  • Language: English

Movie Story

Riki the Dark: proud, defiant, and unapologetically vulgar and rude. The angry mongrel has vowed to submit to no one, least of all his Master, the illustrious Iason Mink. What will it take to tame the notorious wild boy of Midas? After over a year and a half of discipline and training, Iason has still not managed to turn the heart of the infamous mongrel from the slums. Or has he? By Best-Selling Author Kira Takenouchi.

Note from the Publisher: Thank you to Rachel Livingston of DMP for permission to publish Taming Riki. Ai no Kusabi remains the copyright of DMP and Rieko Yoshihara. We recommend you read Ai no Kusabi before or in conjunction with Taming Riki.

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Kira Takenouchi's Taming Riki

Drama, Yaoi, Scifi

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